Ever feel like you’re up a tree? Danny Lyons (1994) is up one quite often. Ever get a hankering to scale one? He’ll take you.
     Lyons is on the cover of the spring 2014 issue of the Gainesville magazine Our Town, hanging from a live oak giving a big thumbs up. A broad smile says he’s found his niche in the upper reaches of this sylvan native.
     At UF, Lyons focused his studies on post-WWII U.S. social history and, he says, “loved every minute I was in class.”
     Then, sometime after graduation, he stopped looking back so much as up. It wasn’t long before he started Canopy Climbers, an eco-adventure outfit he runs centered around teaching people how to tree climb.
     “Tree climbing is as unique as it is obscure,” he said in an email. “So any way we can let people know that they can climb trees for fun and adventure is fine with me.”
     You can check out his full story here: http://www.visitourtowns.com/editions#1
     And if you’re interested in going tree climbing, here’s his web site: http://www.canopyclimbers.com/
     You should also know that if you ever need a cat rescued from a tree, he’s the guy to call, not fire rescue or animal services. Both agencies will refer you to our tree-climbing alumnus.