You hear it all the time: “What are you going to do with a degree in history?” Well, here’s your answer: “I can do anything I want. The possibilities are endless.”

With a history degree, you can be president of the U.S. Woodrow Wilson was a history professor. George W. Bush earned a history degree, as did FDR, TR, JFK, and Richard Nixon. Or you can be president of a university. Woodrow Wilson was president of Princeton. The late southern historian Sheldon Hackney was president of Tulane University and the University of Pennsylvania. Drew Faust, also a southern historian, is president of Harvard. Not bad. Kermit Hall, former chair of the department of history at UF, was president of Utah State University and University at Albany. You can be prime minister of Great Britain, or even prince. You can be a Hollywood actor, as are Edward Norton and Steve Carell, or a best-selling award-winning book author in hiding. Yes, Salman Rushdie has a degree in history . If none of that suits you–what the hell–you can be Lawrence of Arabia.

Other job prospects include attorney general of the U.S., U.S. Supreme Court justice, CEO of a major car or high-tech company or finance firm. You can be Martha Stewart, if you wanna. What about co-founder of Facebook? You could write a hit song about a cheeseburger in paradise, or have the most famous cooking show on television and be portrayed by Meryl Streep on the big screen. Not into any of that? Go play professional basketball, or create your own political philosophy that will scare the hell out of the world, as did Karl Marx. Or try to set it right, as did W. E. B. DuBois. Or just go be a neurologist, Ivy League law-school dean, artist, science-fiction writer, cartoonist, or TV show creator and Bernie Sanders impersonator.

Just go. Get out of here! Do whatever the hell you want. Win a Nobel prize, for that matter, as did Robert Fogel.  Then fist bump Janeane Garofalo.

Here are links to list of well-known and successful history majors representing a range of possibilities.