About Us

History at UF starts with a creative and dynamic faculty, a community of over 40 department members engaged in a broad range of scholarship and teaching. Visitors to this site will find much more information about the activities of our faculty, whose work reaches audiences in nearly every corner of the globe—and right here in Gainesville, Florida.

Our undergraduate program is home to a diverse and talented group of over 600 History majors. We are dedicated to providing a quality educational experience for all of our students. History majors have a number of ways of enhancing their undergraduate experience, including completing a senior thesis in conjunction with our recently established honors program, an internship, or participating in a study abroad program.

Our graduate program is currently home to roughly 100 Masters and Ph.D. students, working in a number of fields: African History, European History, Latin American History, and United States History. Graduates of our program have gone on to outstanding careers in the academy and beyond, and have published a great many scholarly articles and books.

This blog contains news and information for the History Department community at the University of Florida.  Check here for updates on our undergraduate and graduate programs, the History Department’s faculty members and affiliates, as well as our alumni.


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